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Classic West Concert Day One: Tequila Sunrise Play Suit 

I got to go the classic west show this weekend and it was AHHMAZING!!! The first day of the show we got to watch The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, and Steely Dan. I had no idea what I was going to wear for the concert, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make something or just bring something I had. Well two nights before I left I couldn’t sleep and randomly had an idea for a man’s Hawaiian print shirt. I was so excited about it I had to get up out of bed and sketch it out.

Poor girl’s body is all wonky

I did not sleep well

This is how the shirt started out. I’ve actually had it for a good month and wore it once as a no sew skirt, but I didn’t like it much and it went back into my refashion section of my closest. After I sketched it out I knew exactly what to do. 

The first thing I did was to cut off the collar and unstitched the pocket. I saved the collar because I have a plan for it. 

The next thing I did was cut the shirt into a skirt section, waistband, and top. 

I worked on the top section first and fitted it to my measurements and then sewed the sides back together with a straight stitch.

 I also got my self a new rotary blade and cutting board, and omg do I love it. It makes cutting perfect measurements sooo much easier. 

Bye Sierra

I next cut off more fabric from the top in the front and back of the top. I then took the collar and cut it in half. I unfolded it and stuck the raw edges on the inside of the top. When I cut the collar off I left a 1/4 of the shirt around the collar so I could use that as a seam allowance when reattaching it. Once it was sewed back on I folded it down and it hid the stitching.

 Later I actually sewed the corners of it down with a straight line because it was flipping down and looking a little wonky, so stitching it in place helped. 

I basted the top of the new skirt to scrunch it up because it was really big. 

Since I didn’t have to much fabric to work with for the waistband I didn’t sew it into a tube. I attached the waistband by putting four pins in the skirt and waistband. A pin in the front, back, and both sides so when I sewed it together I knew all the sides would match up. 

I turned the wasitband inside out, so rightsides together, and then sewed the waistband to the skirt raw edges together. When I was done I flipped right side out. To finish the raw edge of the waistband I turned it over once and straight stitched it. 

Lastly I cut the sleeves into little rectangles, turned The raw edges over once and straight stitched them. I attached one side of the rectangle behind the collar, and the other side to the back. 

This is honestly my favorite thing that I have made so far. I took a shirt that I felt “meh” about and turned it into something I love. 

Oops 🙊

I think the only thing I need to do to it after wearing it around is sew a zipper into the skirt. When I’m standing it fits fine, but when I walk it slouches down and shows more of my tum tum than I’m comfortable with. 

Thank you for reading my blogs, I have loved sharing them with everyone. I’ll have my day two outfit up soon. 


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