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Classic West Day Two: Gold Dust Woman Skirt

I did not plan very well ahead before I left for this concert. I had given myself a day n a half to try and create two outfits. I knew that for the second day of the concert FleetWood Mac would be playing, so I wanted to wear something that was a little Stevie-esque. I started with this picture as inspiration. 


This look was really outside my box, so it was a little hard to envision. I thought these things would be a good start. 


So disclaimer, the shirt I am wearing was intended to be a part of the refashion, but I ran out of time. So I had to use a shirt that I already had in my closet. Since I started this refashion, about 4 hours before I had to be out the door I rushed through it. 

I had this fabric that I thought would make a great long skirt. It was light weight and stretchy and had a little bit of gold thread running through it. I was gonna try to do this with a legitimate 1/4 circle skirt pattern, but realized time was my enemy at this point. 


So I wrapped it around my waist roughly measured where to cut it and then cut out a rectangle. I wrapped it around my waist……and realized I cut it to small. Thankfully I had the other piece that I cut it from and it was perfect.

Just a plain ‘ole rectangle

 I folded the fabric raw edges together and sewed half way down with a zigzag stitch for the stretch. I wanted to leave a slit in the dress, so that is why I only went half way down. I then folded the raw sides of the slit in and hemmed them. 

Gurl clean your room

Next I needed to attach a waistband, so I measured my waist and cut a rectangle out about 4 inches wide. I then folded it in half and sewed it around three sides until I had a tube. I turned the tube inside out so the seams are now on the inside. I sewed the tube into a circle and attached it the same way I did my waistband for the tequila skirt. I should have basted it a little bit, because the skirt was a little wider than the band, but I thought it will be fine. Well it left it a little wonky in the front, but I didn’t have time to fix it, plus my shirt would cover my mistake. 

I had a rectangle of sheer black fabric so I cut it in half to give me little wing things. I had intended to pack my fray check with me and put some of that on the fabric to clean up the raw edges while I was hanging out in the hotel room, but I forgot it. I did remember to pack my travel sewing kit, so I was able to attach little finger loops from scrap fabric onto my wings. 

I threw on my bf’s hat with a feather clip  on it to complete my Stevie look. It’s not totally the same, but it made me feel like Stevie.

I don’t know what to do with my face or my hands sometimes 😬
Super slit action

 I had so much fun at this concert, being able to see these bands definitely put a dent in my bucket list. 

Loved this


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