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Simple Sunday: Can’t Blame Canada T-Shirt 

A couple weeks ago I had gone to the classic west concert, and I had intended to refashion this shirt to go along with my gold dust woman skirt, but I ran out of time. 

I had seen this shirt at the thrift store for a couple weeks and I did not like it. It says, “because you can’t always blame Canada”. Idk I decided when it went on sale I would buy it and change it. So when this shirt was on sale for 50 cents I bought it. The shirt was a nice soft still very black shirt, which means someone didn’t wear it often.

I took a tank top that fit me well and folded it in half. I then folded the black shirt in half and put the white one on top so the fold lines matched up and then I traced around it. Then I cut out the line I traced and had two black shirt pieces. 

I then sewed the two sides together with a zigzag stitch. 

I cut the sleeves off but left the hem that connected the sleeve to the shirt. I also cut the sleeve down the middle so it opened up. I really liked how the hem left almost like a lettuce hem curl on it.

I then draped the sleeve over my shoulder for an off the shoulder look and sewed the bottom of the sleeve to the armpit part of my new top. 

This one was really easy, since t-shirt material doesn’t need to be hemed I left the top edge raw.

I paired it with a long skirt and a belt. I love my new top, I feel like an extra from West Side Story in this outfit. 

My new top and I had a fun night playing bingo with my girlfriends for our birthdays. None of us won though 😞, but we still had a good time. 


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