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Bouquet of Flowers Dress

I have been excited to share this one with you guys for over a week, but I have not gotten the chance till now. The only thing I have been writing this week is my literature review for my thesis paper and I am more than ready to write about something creative vs. something about scientific studies.

Some one was trying to be sneaky in this picture

When I first laid eyes on the print of this dress I was in love, then I felt how soft this fabric was I was even more in love. Then I saw the price (50 cents) and it was game over, I wasn’t even intimidated that it said dry clean only. Which side note, I see a lot of dry clean only things in the thrift store and I feel like people see that get bothered and would rather donate it than dry clean it. To be honest when I see something that says “dry clean only” I hand wash it and nothing has been ruined yet. This is exactly what I did when I brought this dress home, I washed it by itself because I knew that red would run, and that is exactly what it did. I only noticed in a few spots that the red bled into the white flowers, but it was barely noticeable.

I really liked how this dress had an already cinched waist, but it was kind of low. The sides of the dress above my hips was really baggy, because of where the sleeves were attached to the dress. So I cut the sleeves out and then took it in on the sides.IMG_6344IMG_6343

I also cut a lot of the top of the dress off to pull the cinched waist up higher to my natural waist line. I rolled over the top of the dress twice to create a new hemline for the top of the dress.IMG_6385

I didn’t have much fabric left, so I used the hemmed part of the sleeves I cut off to  create straps.

I folded the raw edge over so that it was covered and would not fray. I played with the position of the straps and decided I liked the look of them crossing in the front. I also wanted to bring the collar back into the dress, so I did what I did with the Classic West Concert Day One: Tequila Sunrise Play Suit  and added it to the neckline of the dress.  This time I top stitched it down , to keep the collar from folding back over. This will definitely be a tactic I use again if I decide to add the collar to the neckline again, it really helped to keep it laying flat.

Dat top stitch tho

I wore this dress to my bf’s very good friend’s wedding, and received lots of complements on this dress. Side note I did not catch the bouquet. I also just got my hair done and cut my own Bettie bangs, which I was super excited and nervous to do. I love how my bangs and this dress turned out.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this dress, it is my new favorite. Let me know in the comments section what you guys think of this one, and if you have WordPress don’t forget to follow me. Till Next time!


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