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Calming Cheetah Print Dress

I needed something to wear to my friend’s wedding and searched through my stash of dresses that I need to work on, and this one caught my eye. I bought this dress over three years ago at a yard sale and loved the pattern of it. A lot of cheetah print is really bold or aggressive, but this one was calming to me with the sweet little blue flowers. There was definite problems with this dress though. 

My go too before pose at the moment

The hips fit perfectly, but it was swimming on top. The dress had darts already in it, but I need to take it in even more in the bust, and the back darts. I also added  darts that went diagonally from my arm pit to waist to accentuate my waist. 

Here a dart
There a dart
Everywhere a dart dart.

I liked the neck line, so I left that alone. The sleeves were a little long, so I trimmed off the hem and just turned it over once to create a new hem. Before I did that I used my zig zag hem to finish off the raw edge to help it from fraying. I’ve learned that this helps a lot, and also makes it easier to turn the raw edge over. 

Just a little bit

I did not like the length of this dress so I  cut it right below my knee. I then finished the raw edge with a zigzag stitch and folded it over twice. I wanted to give it that 50’s wiggle dress vibe so I took it in slightly on each side, so the bottom hem would be slightly more narrower than my hips. 

Bye corner

I loved how it turned out, and had so much fun at the wedding. I didn’t get many pictures, because there was no cell service at the venue so I just left my phone in my purse. Plus I was to busy sipping wine and visiting with friends to bother taking pictures. 

Just right

Till next time! 


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