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Simple Sunday: Cloth Produce Bags

I’m not even gonna lie, I have been totally lazy this week. I’ve had the whole week off for Thanksgiving, and with all that time you’d think I’d sew up a storm. I did hem some work pants, and fix the seam in the seat of some pants I thrifted. Other than that I didn’t sew at all.

So what did I spend my break doing you may ask. I delved deep in the rabbit hole of playing video games. I have loved playing video games since the first time I died of dysentery playing the Oregon Trail. From this I started playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, which naturally led to (as I hang my head down in shame) The Sims. The Sims 2 is still by far my favorite out of all of them, and I still have it loaded on my computer. As I got older I spent hours Donkey Konging it up, and trying to come in first place in Mario Kart. I even created weird songs in Mario Paint. As an adult I even dabbled in the World of Warcraft, though I was to big of a care bear running around trying to collect pets to be good at it. This week though I spent it playing Assassins Creed which has become my favorite console game. I get to learn history, which at times granted is fake history, and run around and collect worthless collectibles just to unlock trophies. That’s my jam.

So now you know my secret shame. I am a video gamer, a video gamer that plays the nerdiest games ever invented. Whew I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest, now on to this simple Sunday refashion.

I’ve been trying to find ways to reduce the amount of plastic I use. I know this will be a huge feat, because we use some sort of plastic every single day. We have already stopped using single use plastic bags in stores, but there are still the little plastic bags that you put your produce and packages of meat in. I decided to make some cloth bags to put those things in. The ones I made today will actually be used for meat. We buy more meat than veggies; the bf has a little bit of a veggie aversion, but I’m working on him.

I ruffled through my scrap fabric pile, and found this night gown who’s straps sadly had nothing left to give. The fabric is perfect because it is a light weight jersey which won’t fray. I cut the skirt from the top, which I saved cause it’s still pretty and why not.

I then laid it flat and cut the skirt down the middle to make two bags. I took one of the bags, turned it inside out so the wrong sides were facing out. Though with this fabric there really is no right or wrong, it’s just raw edges inside or outside. I actually made one of each.

I then pinned the edges together just to keep it from moving while I sewed. I then sewed up the two raw edges and used the already hemmed bottom of the skirt as the top. One less thing to sew.

The trick to having one long continuous stitch is to make sure your needle is in the fabric, lift the foot, turn the fabric, then drop the foot again and start sewing down the new side. Sorry for the bad lighting

I then trimmed the raw edges and turned my bag inside out. That’s it. This is a great project for anyone who wants to learn how to sew, or feels like they don’t have the time. It took me maybe 10 minutes to do both bags.

I’ve been having a hard time finding some good fall refashions, so hopefully I’ll have another post soon for you guys.

Till next time.


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