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Rock Lobster Window Valence

I’m still not having luck finding some good colder weather refashions at my favorite thrift store, so this weeks refashion is coming from my scrap bin. Which is a good thing because it is looking less like a bin and more like an overflowing mess. I inherited this scrap from a bunch of scraps my aunt gave me a long long time ago. When we moved into our apartment I looked at it and decided I wanted to do a lobster theme in my kitchen, and use this fabric to make a valence curtain. That was over two years ago. I decided it was about time to give it a shot. Plus the only lobster item I have in my kitchen is this sugar jar, so it was time to give him some friends.

One is the loneliest number

The first thing that I did was lay the fabric out and stare at it for a good ten minutes trying to figure out how in the world I was going to make a curtain from this wonky shaped scrap of fabric.

Wonky with a capital W

I started cutting random shaped squares and rectangles, trying to get as many pieces as I could that were of decent size. Then I laid them out like a puzzle piece trying to see the best way the pieces would fit together. When I finally laid them out in a pattern that I thought would work the best, it was time to Frankenstein this curtain together.

I started with the square pieces and the little rectangles. I laid the pieces right sides together and sewed them together with a zig zag stitch, so when I needed to wash it, it wouldn’t fray as bad.

Zig-zag here
What once was two is now one

Once I sewed it, I opened it up right sides facing up and  had a little seam where I connected the two parts. I used this technique to attach all the small pieces together until I had one long rectangle.

Then I took the top long rectangle and sewed the top of it with a zigzag stitch so it wouldn’t fray then I folded the top to about the mid part of the rectangle so I created a loop for the bar to go through. Then I used a straight stitch to secure the long loop.


Then I used the earlier technique to attach the Frankenstein rectangle to the top loop part.

As luck would have it I picked up this pack of bias tape at the thrift store earlier that day.

I have no idea how old this is

Since the red of the bias tape matched the lobsters perfectly I thought it would be a cute way to finish off the bottom of the curtain. I had never used bias tape so I thought it would be good practice. Bias tape is used as an alternative to hemming raw edges together. You basically sandwich the raw edges between the bias tape folds and sew it together so you don’t have to turn over and hem it. I was planning on using another strip of bias tape to cover up some seams at the top of the curtain so I wanted the bottom bias tape to match. I read the instructions a couple of times and decided to do the bias tape a little different so I could get as much as I could on the front.

Bias tape has two folds on the wrong part of the fabric, I took the top part of the fold and lifted it so it would unfold on that side.

top and bottom folds

I then secured it to the wrong side of the lobster fabric, and then used a straight stitch to sew it together.

top fold to wrong side of fabric
Straight stitch it down

Then once it was sewed I flipped it over to the right side of the fabric, essentially pulling the raw edge up and hiding it underneath the tape.

The top of the picture shows it flipped over, the bottom not flipped yet

Then I top stitched it with red thread to the curtain. It sounds a little confusing, but hopefully the pictures help. I then laid the second piece of bias tape at the top covering the seams of the panels that had the little rectangles sewed to it and used a top stitch to secure it to the curtain.

My pod of lobsters

I flippen love how this valence turned out, even the bf was really impressed with it and couldn’t believe that I had created this from that piece of fabric.  I got myself a pod of lobsters now, and the satisfaction of finally completing this project.

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Till next time!

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Simple Sunday: Cloth Produce Bags

I’m not even gonna lie, I have been totally lazy this week. I’ve had the whole week off for Thanksgiving, and with all that time you’d think I’d sew up a storm. I did hem some work pants, and fix the seam in the seat of some pants I thrifted. Other than that I didn’t sew at all.

So what did I spend my break doing you may ask. I delved deep in the rabbit hole of playing video games. I have loved playing video games since the first time I died of dysentery playing the Oregon Trail. From this I started playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, which naturally led to (as I hang my head down in shame) The Sims. The Sims 2 is still by far my favorite out of all of them, and I still have it loaded on my computer. As I got older I spent hours Donkey Konging it up, and trying to come in first place in Mario Kart. I even created weird songs in Mario Paint. As an adult I even dabbled in the World of Warcraft, though I was to big of a care bear running around trying to collect pets to be good at it. This week though I spent it playing Assassins Creed which has become my favorite console game. I get to learn history, which at times granted is fake history, and run around and collect worthless collectibles just to unlock trophies. That’s my jam.

So now you know my secret shame. I am a video gamer, a video gamer that plays the nerdiest games ever invented. Whew I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest, now on to this simple Sunday refashion.

I’ve been trying to find ways to reduce the amount of plastic I use. I know this will be a huge feat, because we use some sort of plastic every single day. We have already stopped using single use plastic bags in stores, but there are still the little plastic bags that you put your produce and packages of meat in. I decided to make some cloth bags to put those things in. The ones I made today will actually be used for meat. We buy more meat than veggies; the bf has a little bit of a veggie aversion, but I’m working on him.

I ruffled through my scrap fabric pile, and found this night gown who’s straps sadly had nothing left to give. The fabric is perfect because it is a light weight jersey which won’t fray. I cut the skirt from the top, which I saved cause it’s still pretty and why not.

I then laid it flat and cut the skirt down the middle to make two bags. I took one of the bags, turned it inside out so the wrong sides were facing out. Though with this fabric there really is no right or wrong, it’s just raw edges inside or outside. I actually made one of each.

I then pinned the edges together just to keep it from moving while I sewed. I then sewed up the two raw edges and used the already hemmed bottom of the skirt as the top. One less thing to sew.

The trick to having one long continuous stitch is to make sure your needle is in the fabric, lift the foot, turn the fabric, then drop the foot again and start sewing down the new side. Sorry for the bad lighting

I then trimmed the raw edges and turned my bag inside out. That’s it. This is a great project for anyone who wants to learn how to sew, or feels like they don’t have the time. It took me maybe 10 minutes to do both bags.

I’ve been having a hard time finding some good fall refashions, so hopefully I’ll have another post soon for you guys.

Till next time.

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Calming Cheetah Print Dress

I needed something to wear to my friend’s wedding and searched through my stash of dresses that I need to work on, and this one caught my eye. I bought this dress over three years ago at a yard sale and loved the pattern of it. A lot of cheetah print is really bold or aggressive, but this one was calming to me with the sweet little blue flowers. There was definite problems with this dress though. 

My go too before pose at the moment

The hips fit perfectly, but it was swimming on top. The dress had darts already in it, but I need to take it in even more in the bust, and the back darts. I also added  darts that went diagonally from my arm pit to waist to accentuate my waist. 

Here a dart
There a dart
Everywhere a dart dart.

I liked the neck line, so I left that alone. The sleeves were a little long, so I trimmed off the hem and just turned it over once to create a new hem. Before I did that I used my zig zag hem to finish off the raw edge to help it from fraying. I’ve learned that this helps a lot, and also makes it easier to turn the raw edge over. 

Just a little bit

I did not like the length of this dress so I  cut it right below my knee. I then finished the raw edge with a zigzag stitch and folded it over twice. I wanted to give it that 50’s wiggle dress vibe so I took it in slightly on each side, so the bottom hem would be slightly more narrower than my hips. 

Bye corner

I loved how it turned out, and had so much fun at the wedding. I didn’t get many pictures, because there was no cell service at the venue so I just left my phone in my purse. Plus I was to busy sipping wine and visiting with friends to bother taking pictures. 

Just right

Till next time! 

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Bouquet of Flowers Dress

I have been excited to share this one with you guys for over a week, but I have not gotten the chance till now. The only thing I have been writing this week is my literature review for my thesis paper and I am more than ready to write about something creative vs. something about scientific studies.

Some one was trying to be sneaky in this picture

When I first laid eyes on the print of this dress I was in love, then I felt how soft this fabric was I was even more in love. Then I saw the price (50 cents) and it was game over, I wasn’t even intimidated that it said dry clean only. Which side note, I see a lot of dry clean only things in the thrift store and I feel like people see that get bothered and would rather donate it than dry clean it. To be honest when I see something that says “dry clean only” I hand wash it and nothing has been ruined yet. This is exactly what I did when I brought this dress home, I washed it by itself because I knew that red would run, and that is exactly what it did. I only noticed in a few spots that the red bled into the white flowers, but it was barely noticeable.

I really liked how this dress had an already cinched waist, but it was kind of low. The sides of the dress above my hips was really baggy, because of where the sleeves were attached to the dress. So I cut the sleeves out and then took it in on the sides.IMG_6344IMG_6343

I also cut a lot of the top of the dress off to pull the cinched waist up higher to my natural waist line. I rolled over the top of the dress twice to create a new hemline for the top of the dress.IMG_6385

I didn’t have much fabric left, so I used the hemmed part of the sleeves I cut off to  create straps.

I folded the raw edge over so that it was covered and would not fray. I played with the position of the straps and decided I liked the look of them crossing in the front. I also wanted to bring the collar back into the dress, so I did what I did with the Classic West Concert Day One: Tequila Sunrise Play Suit  and added it to the neckline of the dress.  This time I top stitched it down , to keep the collar from folding back over. This will definitely be a tactic I use again if I decide to add the collar to the neckline again, it really helped to keep it laying flat.

Dat top stitch tho

I wore this dress to my bf’s very good friend’s wedding, and received lots of complements on this dress. Side note I did not catch the bouquet. I also just got my hair done and cut my own Bettie bangs, which I was super excited and nervous to do. I love how my bangs and this dress turned out.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this dress, it is my new favorite. Let me know in the comments section what you guys think of this one, and if you have WordPress don’t forget to follow me. Till Next time!

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Going out comfy 

Sorry guys with this one I got a little scissor happy and I forgot to take a before picture. We were gonna go grab a few beers with friends. I in a last minute fit cut up this shirt, because I didn’t feel like wearing anything in my closet. Sometimes you just need some comfy clothes, a good brew, and good friends. This was one of those days.  It started as a plain grey shirt that was loose on me. 

It was long, so I cut a couple inches off the bottom of the  shirt. I also cut a little length off of each sleeve. I wanted to add a little interest to it, so I drew a triangle into the front of the shirt and cut it out. 

I threw on my new favorite cut off jeans that I made, put on some red lipstick and called it a night. 

That’s a wrap folks

Oh hello up there

This was a super simple one guys. Let me know what you think in the comments. Till next time! 
Shameless bathroom selfie

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Beachy Coverup

Hi everyone, I’m still here I promise. I know it’s been awhile since I have written anything. In fact someone asked me “How come you aren’t writing anymore?”  I am I promise, I am just trying to figure out how to keep this going with my new busy schedule. I just started my internship with a school district and it has me swamped. I have never had a job where time goes by so fast, I’m like “crap it’s time to go home already, how did that happen?”  So bear with me if my refashions are few and far between, and super simple for awhile. I’m not working on Fridays, so I am going to try and make that my writing/sewing/do everything else I gotta do day. Alright on to the refashion!

I loved the color of this tunic and the sequins sewn into it when I saw it in the thrift store. I also loved how sheer it was, since we are in a huge heat wave right now over here in California. I immediately thought I would turn it into one of those kimono cover up things, which is a little modern for me, but what the hey you gotta mix things up every once in awhile.  I thought this would be perfect to wear to the coast for my friend’s bachelorette weekend.  Unfortunately, the week before I left was once again crazy and I had no time to refashion it, so I literally cut it right before I was about to leave.

save that for my self 


I cut the sequins out down the middle, to be able to make it even on both sides, this also gives me fabric to turn over to create an actual seam when I get the chance to sew it. Since I didn’t have time, I ran some fray check down the raw edges to keep them from fraying, threw it on over a tank and some cut off jean shorts that I made and then jumped in the car for the two hour drive to the coast. Of course the cover up came off in the car and I thought, “When I hit that cool beachy air this will be perfect.” But unbeknownst to me, it was hotter than balls at the coast. So I pretty much only wore this cover up for pictures, which is ok cause it needed a little more love to make it more presentable in public.  So I guess you could consider this a refashion fail, but whatever, I’d still rock it.

gurl fix yo bangs
just a couple frays


So I have been watching a lot of project pan and empties video’s on youtube and wanted to garner your guy’s opinion on me writing about one of these. So if you are like me and watching people use things up or organizing things is supper satisfying to you let me know. Or if you’re like “Steph we don’t give a flying F, on if you use up a blush or not.”  Let me know too. Or if you are like I have no  idea what the hell you are even talking about, leave me a comment down below.  Alright guys till next time!

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Doubly refashioned

I’ve gotten super busy these past two weeks. School started for me again after having a month off, and I went back to work after having summer vacation off. I just started with a new school district as a school psychologist intern and I’m loving it. 

I did this refashion last weekend, but haven’t had a chance to write about it for my blog. This dress actually was a dress that I had gotten last year from a thrift store and refashioned it last summer. I actually wore it a lot and still love this dress, but I wanted to update it a little bit. 

I feel like dancing 💃🏻

I started by fixing the neckline of the dress. It wasn’t even and I only turned the raw edges over once, so after a couple of washes got very frayed. So I evened it up and double turned it. 

She beat up

 I used chalk to draw a new even line and left about an inch for seam allowance. I also snipped little triangles into the curved parts of the neck line to turn it over easier. 

I also searched for the old sleeves in my fabric box, cause I save evvverything, but I could only find one. I’m sure the other one is hiding in there somewhere and I’ll find it randomly one day. So with my lone sleeve I cut it open, and then cut it in half. 

Turning one into two

I’m really liking off the shoulder things.  I know you’re prolly thinking 🙄 so does everyone else, cause that style is evvverywhere, but I like it because it’s modern but can also look vintage when done right. 

So I attached the two halves of the sleeves on either side, this took awhile to get them in the right place. My suggestion when doing something like this is to use a basting stitch. So you are still attaching it, but if you need to pick the stitch out and reposition it’s so much easier to do. 

I then wanted to add slits to the front, but not to high up my leg, so I can still wear this dress to work. Unfortunately the two slits arn’t visible in any of my pictures. 

I loved this dress, and now I love it even more. I wore this dress to my friends bridal shower, and I plan on wearing it many more times. 

Thank you to everyone who has told me that you love reading my blog. It’s been super fun, and I have had over 500 views so  far!! 

500 views selfie 🤳

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Simple Sunday: Can’t Blame Canada T-Shirt 

A couple weeks ago I had gone to the classic west concert, and I had intended to refashion this shirt to go along with my gold dust woman skirt, but I ran out of time. 

I had seen this shirt at the thrift store for a couple weeks and I did not like it. It says, “because you can’t always blame Canada”. Idk I decided when it went on sale I would buy it and change it. So when this shirt was on sale for 50 cents I bought it. The shirt was a nice soft still very black shirt, which means someone didn’t wear it often.

I took a tank top that fit me well and folded it in half. I then folded the black shirt in half and put the white one on top so the fold lines matched up and then I traced around it. Then I cut out the line I traced and had two black shirt pieces. 

I then sewed the two sides together with a zigzag stitch. 

I cut the sleeves off but left the hem that connected the sleeve to the shirt. I also cut the sleeve down the middle so it opened up. I really liked how the hem left almost like a lettuce hem curl on it.

I then draped the sleeve over my shoulder for an off the shoulder look and sewed the bottom of the sleeve to the armpit part of my new top. 

This one was really easy, since t-shirt material doesn’t need to be hemed I left the top edge raw.

I paired it with a long skirt and a belt. I love my new top, I feel like an extra from West Side Story in this outfit. 

My new top and I had a fun night playing bingo with my girlfriends for our birthdays. None of us won though 😞, but we still had a good time. 

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Classic West Day Two: Gold Dust Woman Skirt

I did not plan very well ahead before I left for this concert. I had given myself a day n a half to try and create two outfits. I knew that for the second day of the concert FleetWood Mac would be playing, so I wanted to wear something that was a little Stevie-esque. I started with this picture as inspiration. 


This look was really outside my box, so it was a little hard to envision. I thought these things would be a good start. 


So disclaimer, the shirt I am wearing was intended to be a part of the refashion, but I ran out of time. So I had to use a shirt that I already had in my closet. Since I started this refashion, about 4 hours before I had to be out the door I rushed through it. 

I had this fabric that I thought would make a great long skirt. It was light weight and stretchy and had a little bit of gold thread running through it. I was gonna try to do this with a legitimate 1/4 circle skirt pattern, but realized time was my enemy at this point. 


So I wrapped it around my waist roughly measured where to cut it and then cut out a rectangle. I wrapped it around my waist……and realized I cut it to small. Thankfully I had the other piece that I cut it from and it was perfect.

Just a plain ‘ole rectangle

 I folded the fabric raw edges together and sewed half way down with a zigzag stitch for the stretch. I wanted to leave a slit in the dress, so that is why I only went half way down. I then folded the raw sides of the slit in and hemmed them. 

Gurl clean your room

Next I needed to attach a waistband, so I measured my waist and cut a rectangle out about 4 inches wide. I then folded it in half and sewed it around three sides until I had a tube. I turned the tube inside out so the seams are now on the inside. I sewed the tube into a circle and attached it the same way I did my waistband for the tequila skirt. I should have basted it a little bit, because the skirt was a little wider than the band, but I thought it will be fine. Well it left it a little wonky in the front, but I didn’t have time to fix it, plus my shirt would cover my mistake. 

I had a rectangle of sheer black fabric so I cut it in half to give me little wing things. I had intended to pack my fray check with me and put some of that on the fabric to clean up the raw edges while I was hanging out in the hotel room, but I forgot it. I did remember to pack my travel sewing kit, so I was able to attach little finger loops from scrap fabric onto my wings. 

I threw on my bf’s hat with a feather clip  on it to complete my Stevie look. It’s not totally the same, but it made me feel like Stevie.

I don’t know what to do with my face or my hands sometimes 😬
Super slit action

 I had so much fun at this concert, being able to see these bands definitely put a dent in my bucket list. 

Loved this

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Classic West Concert Day One: Tequila Sunrise Play Suit 

I got to go the classic west show this weekend and it was AHHMAZING!!! The first day of the show we got to watch The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, and Steely Dan. I had no idea what I was going to wear for the concert, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make something or just bring something I had. Well two nights before I left I couldn’t sleep and randomly had an idea for a man’s Hawaiian print shirt. I was so excited about it I had to get up out of bed and sketch it out.

Poor girl’s body is all wonky

I did not sleep well

This is how the shirt started out. I’ve actually had it for a good month and wore it once as a no sew skirt, but I didn’t like it much and it went back into my refashion section of my closest. After I sketched it out I knew exactly what to do. 

The first thing I did was to cut off the collar and unstitched the pocket. I saved the collar because I have a plan for it. 

The next thing I did was cut the shirt into a skirt section, waistband, and top. 

I worked on the top section first and fitted it to my measurements and then sewed the sides back together with a straight stitch.

 I also got my self a new rotary blade and cutting board, and omg do I love it. It makes cutting perfect measurements sooo much easier. 

Bye Sierra

I next cut off more fabric from the top in the front and back of the top. I then took the collar and cut it in half. I unfolded it and stuck the raw edges on the inside of the top. When I cut the collar off I left a 1/4 of the shirt around the collar so I could use that as a seam allowance when reattaching it. Once it was sewed back on I folded it down and it hid the stitching.

 Later I actually sewed the corners of it down with a straight line because it was flipping down and looking a little wonky, so stitching it in place helped. 

I basted the top of the new skirt to scrunch it up because it was really big. 

Since I didn’t have to much fabric to work with for the waistband I didn’t sew it into a tube. I attached the waistband by putting four pins in the skirt and waistband. A pin in the front, back, and both sides so when I sewed it together I knew all the sides would match up. 

I turned the wasitband inside out, so rightsides together, and then sewed the waistband to the skirt raw edges together. When I was done I flipped right side out. To finish the raw edge of the waistband I turned it over once and straight stitched it. 

Lastly I cut the sleeves into little rectangles, turned The raw edges over once and straight stitched them. I attached one side of the rectangle behind the collar, and the other side to the back. 

This is honestly my favorite thing that I have made so far. I took a shirt that I felt “meh” about and turned it into something I love. 

Oops 🙊

I think the only thing I need to do to it after wearing it around is sew a zipper into the skirt. When I’m standing it fits fine, but when I walk it slouches down and shows more of my tum tum than I’m comfortable with. 

Thank you for reading my blogs, I have loved sharing them with everyone. I’ll have my day two outfit up soon.