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Totally Tubular Sleeping Bag Dress

Every year my bf’s work throws a big award dinner that is usually themed. This years theme was the 80’s. Per usual I waited until the last minute to look for something to wear. The dinner was on Friday but I wasn’t able to go thrifting till Wednesday. I found a couple 80’s prom dresses, but none that would fit. I decided to look in unconventional places and came across this sleeping bag.

I know what you’re thinking, umm how in the world is that 80’s? Well unzip the sleeping bag and this is what I had to work with.



Lots of purple polyester, a perfect material to craft an 80’s dress. The first thing I did was use my half circle skirt template and cut out two halves of the circle. Normally you would fold the fabric in half and cut it on the fold, but I couldn’t get my template to fit right on it.

trace it


I knew I wanted a layered skirt look, so I cut my template in half and made two more smaller skirt pieces.

Trace x2


I wanted to add something between the layers of skirts and remembered that I had bought some blue tulle at the thrift store awhile back. I used the skirts as a template to cut out layers of tulle. Side note tulle on linoluim is super slippery. Cut with caution.

No Stephanie’s were harmed in the making of this dress


I had cut out two layers per each side, I then hand stitched a basting stitch to hold the layers together so it would be easier to sew them to the fabric.

Then I sewed the two bottom pieces together and the two smaller pieces together on one side so I had two half circle skirts. Then I connected the tulle to both layers.

layers and layers of purple


I originally wanted to do a sweet heart bodice, but I thought it would be less time consuming to do an off the shoulder bodice. I used a t-shirt as a template and drew it out on my wrapping paper. I had given myself extra room when I traced my shirt, since my shirt is stretchy and the fabric isn’t.

Oh hi Dora
top template


I didn’t have enough fabric left to fit my template like this so I cut it in half and would use it to create 4 pieces of my bodice.

gotta hold down the paper some how

I normally wash things before I start refashioning, but I wanted to give myself enough time to start working on this. I thought it would dry quicker if I washed it after I had cut out all of my pieces. So I sewed the pieces of my top together with a basting stitch and then hand washed everything. I went to bed thinking my dress was pretty much done and it would take no time to put together….. I was totally wrong.


Friday morning I woke up tried on my top and could not get it past my shoulders, I apparently didn’t account for the non stretchiness of the fabric as I had originally thought. I quickly thought of rouching up fabric pieces and putting them at the sides to give me extra room. All my purple fabric was in weird small pieces, but there was some usable pink from the front of the sleeping bag that I could use.

To ruche the fabric I stitched a basting stitch along both sides of the long pieces. Then you pull one of the strings, which causes it to bunch up.

rouche it up


I added my ruching to both sides, and it was still tight.

I cut out the front and back seams and added more ruching, and finally I could fit into it. At this point I looked at what I had and thought good lord what am I going to do with this. This was a real make it work moment.

I was sweating bullets at this point


I don’t have too many pictures after this point cause I was quickly running out of time. I connected the skirt to the bodice and sewed over the raw edges of the top of the bodice. I quickly made two purple and pink bows to attach to my dress.

put a bow on it


My dress was so awful it was kind of awesome. It definitely fit the 80’s motif.

it kind of worked


I had so much fun and actually got a lot of compliments on my dress, little did they know I was wearing a sleeping bag.

awesome decorations
fun with filters


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Shirt That is Better as a Skirt

Hello Everybody,

I’m writing this post from the wonderful DMV ūüôĄ. Since I’m sitting here doing nothing I figured I might as well be productive and write a post.

We’re gonna start with this over sized men’s button up shirt. Men’s shirts are one of my favorite things to refashion. They come in so many awesome patterns and fabric and there is plenty of fabric to work Catalog pose ;-)[/caption]

This shirt was a really soft comfortable fabric and I knew right away I wanted to make it a skirt. I started off by unpicking the the sleeves, collar, and yolk of the shirt. Shirt in pieces[/caption]

I turned it upside down. The bottom of the shirt is now the waist of my skirt. I folded over the new top part so I can make a casing for the elastic that will hold my skirt up.

Making a casing[/ put a pin in it[/caption]<

I then attached a safety pin to the end of the elastic and fed it through the casing. Once it went through I sewed the two pieces together.

To finish the raw edges of the new bottom of my skirt I used my brand new serger. Now I’ll admit, it was intimidating to use. There’s 4 spools of thread and two needles and a whole lot of confusion threading it. Thankfully it came already threaded. Once I started using it I loved it, and can’t wait to use it Brand newness[/ Ugly thread, but that hem tho[/caption]<

I turned my new clean surged edge over once and stitched it down so I had a clean hem line. I also just stitched down the sides of the skirt where I unpicked the sleeves. I ended up turning my skirt around, so now the buttons are in the back.My skirt is nice and comfy and was perfect for the dark gloomy day we had the other day. I paired it with a burnt orange scarf, black tights, and black cardigan.

I accidently cut my head off when taking this, so I thought meh just go with it[/caption]

his refashion was supper easy and only cost me 50 cents. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

P.s. I finished writing this and I’m still waiting ūüė∂

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Elf Not On The Shelf

I’ve really been enjoying making stuff from fabric vs. making something from an already constructed piece, so I decided to try my hand at patterning a half circle skirt. I’ve had this really pretty forest green polka-dot fabric in my fabric box for a long time, and thought it would be a perfect color for winter. The first thing I did was wash and iron it. I know it sounds redundant to iron it before you start cutting, because you iron¬†it all over again after it is constructed to finish off the seams; but ironing before you cut into¬†yards of fabric really help to make¬†sure you get nice clean lines while cutting.

I watched a couple you-tube videos to help with the math part of this¬†refashion. One of my favorite sewing you-tubers is Anikka Victoria.¬† She’s awesome and you should check her channel out;¬†you can watch her video¬†here that I used to create my skirt. So I won’t use my exact measurements……. but I followed her directions and drew my inner corner and outer lines for my half circle skirt using my measuring tape.

wrapping paper likes to roll up

I then cut it out and had my skirt pattern. I took my material and folded it in half, and then lined up one edge of the skirt with the fold. I then cut it out.IMG_6639

When it was unfolded I had my half circle skirt. I needed to make a waist band so I took my waist measurements and made a long rectangle with a width that was doubled. So if I wanted a 3 in wide waist band I would cut it out at 6in because its going to get folded over. I used the method to attach my waist band  that Annika uses in her video. So I laid the waist band right sides facing each other and pinned it down. I then sewed them together.IMG_6640IMG_6641

I then folded the top part of the waistband over to touch the seam that I just made and then sewed that down to finish off the band.IMG_6642

I rolled the raw edges on both sides over twice and then straight stitched them down to finish off the sides.

Lazy sewing

Now it was time to add the zipper. I’ve been a little intimidated about adding in zippers, but Annika’s video is really easy to follow. I folded over my skirt right sides touching and measured how far down the zipper was going to go.

I used pins for once

where the zipper is going to go I used a basting stitch so it will be easy to unpick. The rest of the way down I used a regular straight stitch. Then I unfolded the little folds I had created and placed the teeth of the zipper facing the basting stitches.

Conquering my fears

Now I didn’t have a zipper foot which you need to sew a zipper in on your machine, so I sewed it in by hand. Once the zipper is sewed in unpick the basting stitch which will now allow your zipper to be functional.

That wasn’t so bad

I finished the bottom hem of my skirt off with some off white bias tape, which I have been loving lately. I attached it a little differently this time, I basically sandwich the raw edges between the tape by folding the tape in half.

I wore my new skirt for Christmas Eve (late post I know), which felt very chrismasy. I was told I looked elfish, which I did not take as an insult.

A-ok with being an elf

I was so excited to see that for Christmas I got a serger, which is a sewing machine that cleans up raw edges the same way¬†clothes in the store get made.¬†Which will make my projects look so much cleaner and¬†allow me to sew a lot more fabrics.¬†I seriously squealed like a little girl. I haven’t been that excited for a gift since I got an easy bake oven for Christmas one year.

easy bake oven
Every 90’s baby dream x-mas present

Side note, the easy bake oven was fun for like 5 min which is how long it took for me to use up the three pre-packaged “cake” mixes that it came with. After that I thought, I got this I can make a cake mix I don’t need Hasbro. So I got creative; I soon came to realize¬†flour mixed with water baked under a light bulb does not equal edible.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



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Black and White and Wine all over

My favorite tap house, well actually the only tap house in town, was having an ugly Christmas sweater event. We decided the day before to meet some friends there, my only problem I didn’t have an ugly sweater. I went to my favorite thrift store and luckily found a men’s wool sweater. When I got home I decided the sweater was in nice shape and didn’t really want to uglifiy it. I then decided to use a shirt that had been in my hand wash hamper forever. I wore this for thanksgiving a couple years ago and accidentally spilled wine all over it and have not been able to get it out. I really liked this shirt too, the ruffle collar and sleeves gave me a 50’s vibe. It was super close to going to my scrap fabric bin, but thought it would make a perfect Christmas sweater.

The first thing that I did was cut it down the middle in between each side of the ruffles, this shirt was going to become a cardigan.

Then I went to work covering up those stains. I had a bright green jersey fabric left over from an old refashion, so I roughly drew a Christmas tree ūüéĄ on it. I didn’t cut it out, because jersey tends to roll up on the edges, so I pinned the whole square to the front of the cardigan. <<
w I have to disclaimer I should pin things a lot better than I do. I hate pinning things, I don't know why but I do. It's definitely one of those do as I say not as I do type things. <<
ad red thread already loaded up in my machine so I used that to give it more of a Christmasy feel. I then used a zigzag stitch to attach the tree to the sweater. Once it was stitched down I cut the excess fabric away.

I had some plastic beads in my craft stuff and hand sewed them on the tree like ornaments, I even had a little star to attach to the top of the tree. <<
elt like my sweater needed more, so I used the leftover plaid pajama pant and cut out a big square. I attached it with a zigzag stitch to cover up the raw edges. I then cut out some green ribbon to wrap my new present. I then attached some bells to a couple of wine spots still showing.

To finish up the raw edges of the front of the cardigan I used some iron on hemming tape. This stuff is awesome you just fold the edge over put the tape on it and iron it down. <<
e ruffles had come loose when I cut the front, so I had to sew them back down.

That was it my sweater was done, we then went and met my friends and had some tasty beverages. <<
ope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

I forgot to add that Kim is the winner of the sleep mask. Thanks Kim for following my blog!! I hope you enjoy it!

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That’s a Wrap

I had so many plans for the morning, I was going to run errands and take after pictures for a skirt that I made; but the weather had other plans. It’s gloomy and rainy and cold today.

As I’m writing this the sun came out. Go figure

Since I had plan to write a post today about the skirt, I had to go back to the drawing board. I was actually perusing my favorite refashion blogger, Miss Jillian at Refashionista, and decided to try out one of her ideas. The post I was reading just happened to be during Christmas time and she had wrapped her gifts with fabric instead of wrapping paper. The only wrapping paper I had was this Dora the Explorer one, that I had bought to draft patterns on awhile back.

Sneak Preview

The presents I had were meant for adults, so though this paper is Christmassy I didn’t think it was appropriate. ¬†I know I could have gone out and bought paper, but part of my goal with this blog is being resourceful and using things that I have, especially things that are functionless and would other wise be thrown away.

I never throw fabric away, if it’s holey, ripped, or stained it goes in a box and is saved until I can find another use for it. Insert these sad ripped jammie’s here.

These pajamas had a big rip in the seam, this plaid print just screamed Christmas to me. So I cut the elastic off, and then cut part of the pants out in a square.

Save this for myself

I left one of the side seams in the pants, so it would be less to sew. I was basically going to turn this into a bag like I did in my Simple Sunday: Cloth Produce Bags. I folded it right sides facing each other and sewed up the raw edges on two sides.


I turned my bag inside out, and then put the present inside.

Step 1: put the present in the bag
Step 2: fold the bag

I folded the open side under and then tied it with a very sad and pathetic bow. I can sew, buuut I can’t tie a bow to save my life.

Bow Making Level: Sad and Pathetic

I had another ripped pair of pj’s that I used for mystery gift number two.

Bow Making Level: still sad

We don’t have a tree in our apartment, so I placed them under a chair until they will be placed under my parent’s tree on Christmas eve.

Oh Christmas chair, Oh Christmas chair

I hope everyone’s Christmas shopping and wrapping is going smoothly, we are 5 days away! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, I am having a special¬†giveaway that is running from now until Saturday for my subscribers.

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Happy Holidays!!

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Getting Some Sweet Shut Eye

I still do not have anything good to refashion so I thought this would be the perfect time to do an easy DIY. I have been wanting to make a sleep mask for months. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep, and usually all I need to do is cover my eyes with a blanket and I am out. The only downside is I usually end up partially suffocating myself under the blanket, so I can only handle it for a few minutes before I have to pop my head out from under the blanket. The permanent solution would be a sleep mask that covers my eyes and lets me breath without hindrance.  I looked through my stash of fabric and found this beautiful silky polka dot material that would be perfect. Since the skin around your eyes is really sensitive, a material that is light and slippery is idle. T-shirt material would be another great choice.

The best way that I found to do this was to go on the computer and use shapes in word to make a template. I was able to create the shape, and then when I liked the size and shape I duplicated it so I had two same size circles.

I then pinned my material to the template and cut around it with scissors. This part was actually a little more difficult than I had anticipated, because of the slipperiness of the material. I cut really slowly to try and get it as close to the template as possible.

I ended up adding more pins to hold it

I cut out two pieces of the polka dot material for a front and a back. This material is to thin to keep the light out, so I needed a middle piece to keep it from being see through. I took a black T-shirt that had already been used in this Simple Sunday: Can’t Blame Canada T-Shirt  and pinned it to the wrong side of one of the polka dot pieces. I then sewed it together using a straight stitch. I found it was easier to cut the black t-shirt after it was sewn because the t-shirt material wanted to curl up if I cut it with the template.

rollin, rollin, rollin
When sewing around curves make sure your needle is in the fabric, then lift your foot and rotate fabric. Put the foot back down and sew as normal


I then took some black elastic and sewed it to the right side of the front piece of the polka-dot piece. Then I took the second t-shirt hybrid piece and sandwiched the elastic between the two pieces and pinned it together. Its important to make sure the two polka dot pieces have the right sides facing each other. This material was easy to see which side was right and wrong, because the right side is shiny and the wrong side is not.

I then sewed the two pieces together, but left a gap at the top so I could turn it inside out. I then tucked in the raw edges of the gap and used my machine to sew it closed.

I felt like the mask needed something, so I found this small sized rick rack trim and hand sewed it along the edges. I actually decided to make two of these masks, one for me and one to give away. I have been wanting to do a give away for awhile, but needed the right project for it.  If you would like to win this sleep mask all you need to do is sign up for my email subscription.  I will leave the giveaway open for a week, and then I will pick a person from random from my email subscribers list. Good Luck!

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Nighty Night

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Rock Lobster Window Valence

I’m still not having luck finding some good colder weather refashions at my favorite thrift store, so this weeks refashion is coming from my scrap bin. Which is a good thing because it is looking less like a bin and more like an overflowing mess. I inherited this scrap from a bunch of scraps my aunt gave me a long long time ago. When we moved into our apartment I looked at it and decided I wanted to do a lobster theme in my kitchen, and use this fabric to make a valence curtain. That was over two years ago. I decided it was about time to give it a shot. Plus the only lobster item I have in my kitchen is this sugar jar, so it was time to give him some friends.

One is the loneliest number

The first thing that I did was lay the fabric out and stare at it for a good ten minutes trying to figure out how in the world I was going to make a curtain from this wonky shaped scrap of fabric.

Wonky with a capital W

I started cutting random shaped squares and rectangles, trying to get as many pieces as I could that were of decent size. Then I laid them out like a puzzle piece trying to see the best way the pieces would fit together. When I finally laid them out in a pattern that I thought would work the best, it was time to Frankenstein this curtain together.

I started with the square pieces and the little rectangles. I laid the pieces right sides together and sewed them together with a zig zag stitch, so when I needed to wash it, it wouldn’t fray as bad.

Zig-zag here
What once was two is now one

Once I sewed it, I opened it up right sides facing up and  had a little seam where I connected the two parts. I used this technique to attach all the small pieces together until I had one long rectangle.

Then I took the top long rectangle and sewed the top of it with a zigzag stitch so it wouldn’t fray then I folded the top to about the mid part of the rectangle so I created a loop for the bar to go through. Then I used a straight stitch to secure the long loop.


Then I used the earlier technique to attach the Frankenstein rectangle to the top loop part.

As luck would have it I picked up this pack of bias tape at the thrift store earlier that day.

I have no idea how old this is

Since the red of the bias tape matched the lobsters perfectly I thought it would be a cute way to finish off the bottom of the curtain. I had never used bias tape so I thought it would be good practice. Bias tape is used as an alternative to hemming raw edges together. You basically sandwich the raw edges between the bias tape folds and sew it together so you don’t have to turn over and hem it. I was planning on using another strip of bias tape to cover up some seams at the top of the curtain so I wanted the bottom bias tape to match. I read the instructions a couple of times and decided to do the bias tape a little different so I could get as much as I could on the front.

Bias tape has two folds on the wrong part of the fabric, I took the top part of the fold and lifted it so it would unfold on that side.

top and bottom folds

I then secured it to the wrong side of the lobster fabric, and then used a straight stitch to sew it together.

top fold to wrong side of fabric
Straight stitch it down

Then once it was sewed I flipped it over to the right side of the fabric, essentially pulling the raw edge up and hiding it underneath the tape.

The top of the picture shows it flipped over, the bottom not flipped yet

Then I top stitched it with red thread to the curtain. It sounds a little confusing, but hopefully the pictures help. I then laid the second piece of bias tape at the top covering the seams of the panels that had the little rectangles sewed to it and used a top stitch to secure it to the curtain.

My pod of lobsters

I flippen love how this valence turned out, even the bf was really impressed with it and couldn’t believe that I had created this from that piece of fabric.¬† I got myself a pod of lobsters now, and the satisfaction of finally completing this project.

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Till next time!

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Simple Sunday: Cloth Produce Bags

I’m not even gonna lie, I have been totally lazy this week. I’ve had the whole week off for Thanksgiving, and with all that time you’d think I’d sew up a storm. I did hem some work pants, and fix the seam in the seat of some pants I thrifted. Other than that I didn’t sew at all.

So what did I spend my break doing you may ask. I delved deep in the rabbit hole of playing video games. I have loved playing video games since the first time I died of dysentery playing the Oregon Trail. From this I started playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, which naturally led to (as I hang my head down in shame) The Sims. The Sims 2 is still by far my favorite out of all of them, and I still have it loaded on my computer. As I got older I spent hours Donkey Konging it up, and trying to come in first place in Mario Kart. I even created weird songs in Mario Paint. As an adult I even dabbled in the World of Warcraft, though I was to big of a care bear running around trying to collect pets to be good at it. This week though I spent it playing Assassins Creed which has become my favorite console game. I get to learn history, which at times granted is fake history, and run around and collect worthless collectibles just to unlock trophies. That’s my jam.

So now you know my secret shame. I am a video gamer, a video gamer that plays the nerdiest games ever invented. Whew I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest, now on to this simple Sunday refashion.

I’ve been trying to find ways to reduce the amount of plastic I use. I know this will be a huge feat, because we use some sort of plastic every single day. We have already stopped using single use plastic bags in stores, but there are still the little plastic bags that you put your produce and packages of meat in. I decided to make some cloth bags to put those things in. The ones I made today will actually be used for meat. We buy more meat than veggies; the bf has a little bit of a veggie aversion, but I’m working on him.

I ruffled through my scrap fabric pile, and found this night gown who’s straps sadly had nothing left to give. The fabric is perfect because it is a light weight jersey which won’t fray. I cut the skirt from the top, which I saved cause it’s still pretty and why not.

I then laid it flat and cut the skirt down the middle to make two bags. I took one of the bags, turned it inside out so the wrong sides were facing out. Though with this fabric there really is no right or wrong, it’s just raw edges inside or outside. I actually made one of each.

I then pinned the edges together just to keep it from moving while I sewed. I then sewed up the two raw edges and used the already hemmed bottom of the skirt as the top. One less thing to sew.

The trick to having one long continuous stitch is to make sure your needle is in the fabric, lift the foot, turn the fabric, then drop the foot again and start sewing down the new side. Sorry for the bad lighting

I then trimmed the raw edges and turned my bag inside out. That’s it. This is a great project for anyone who wants to learn how to sew, or feels like they don’t have the time. It took me maybe 10 minutes to do both bags.

I’ve been having a hard time finding some good fall refashions, so hopefully I’ll have another post soon for you guys.

Till next time.

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Calming Cheetah Print Dress

I needed something to wear to my friend‚Äôs wedding and searched through my stash of dresses that I need to work on, and this one caught my eye. I bought this dress over three years ago at a yard sale and loved the pattern of it. A lot of cheetah print is really bold or aggressive, but this one was calming to me with the sweet little blue flowers. There was definite problems with this dress though. 

My go too before pose at the moment

The hips fit perfectly, but it was swimming on top. The dress had darts already in it, but I need to take it in even more in the bust, and the back darts. I also added  darts that went diagonally from my arm pit to waist to accentuate my waist. 

Here a dart
There a dart
Everywhere a dart dart.

I liked the neck line, so I left that alone. The sleeves were a little long, so I trimmed off the hem and just turned it over once to create a new hem. Before I did that I used my zig zag hem to finish off the raw edge to help it from fraying. I‚Äôve learned that this helps a lot, and also makes it easier to turn the raw edge over. 

Just a little bit

I did not like the length of this dress so I  cut it right below my knee. I then finished the raw edge with a zigzag stitch and folded it over twice. I wanted to give it that 50‚Äôs wiggle dress vibe so I took it in slightly on each side, so the bottom hem would be slightly more narrower than my hips. 

Bye corner

I loved how it turned out, and had so much fun at the wedding. I didn‚Äôt get many pictures, because there was no cell service at the venue so I just left my phone in my purse. Plus I was to busy sipping wine and visiting with friends to bother taking pictures. 

Just right

Till next time! 

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Bouquet of Flowers Dress

I have been excited to share this one with you guys for over a week, but I have not gotten the chance till now. The only thing I have been writing this week is my literature review for my thesis paper and I am more than ready to write about something creative vs. something about scientific studies.

Some one was trying to be sneaky in this picture

When I first laid eyes on the print of this dress I was in love, then I felt how soft this fabric was I was even more in love. Then I saw the price (50 cents) and it was game over, I wasn’t even intimidated that it said dry clean only. Which side note, I see a lot of dry clean only things in the thrift store and I feel like people see that get bothered and would rather donate it than dry clean it. To be honest when I see something that says “dry clean only” I hand wash it and nothing has been ruined yet. This is exactly what I did when I brought this dress home, I washed it by itself because I knew that red would run, and that is exactly what it did. I only noticed in a few spots that the red bled into the white flowers, but it was barely noticeable.

I really liked how this dress had an already cinched waist, but it was kind of low. The sides of the dress above my hips was really baggy, because of where the sleeves were attached to the dress. So I cut the sleeves out and then took it in on the sides.IMG_6344IMG_6343

I also cut a lot of the top of the dress off to pull the cinched waist up higher to my natural waist line. I rolled over the top of the dress twice to create a new hemline for the top of the dress.IMG_6385

I didn’t have much fabric left, so I used the hemmed part of the sleeves I cut off to  create straps.

I folded the raw edge over so that it was covered and would not fray. I played with the position of the straps and decided I liked the look of them crossing in the front. I also wanted to bring the collar back into the dress, so I did what I did with the Classic West Concert Day One: Tequila Sunrise Play Suit  and added it to the neckline of the dress.  This time I top stitched it down , to keep the collar from folding back over. This will definitely be a tactic I use again if I decide to add the collar to the neckline again, it really helped to keep it laying flat.

Dat top stitch tho

I wore this dress to my bf’s very good friend’s wedding, and received lots of complements on this dress. Side note I did not catch the bouquet. I also just got my hair done and cut my own Bettie bangs, which I was super excited and nervous to do. I love how my bangs and this dress turned out.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this dress, it is my new favorite. Let me know in the comments section what you guys think of this one, and if you have WordPress don’t forget to follow me. Till Next time!