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Inspirational Gown

Back in May I decided to get out of my comfort zone and sign up for a Pin-Up contest. One of the things that I really admired about this contest is that the contestants were not just judged by their outward apperance, but by an inspirational story behind their outfit. The theme was women empowerment, and the moment that I read the rules of the contest I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  Graduating with my masters degree is probably one of the proudest moments of my life. It pushed me in ways I had never been pushed before, and I gave it effort that I had never given anything before. Don’t get me wrong I had so many moments of doubt; that I wasn’t smart enough, or that I wasn’t as knowledgable as others in my class. Thankfully I had wonderful loving people in my life to believe in me, until I could believe in myself. My graduation ceremony was the eptiome of delayed gratification. I finally could see the end in sight and celebrate my accomplishment. My inspirational outfit was going to be made out of my graduation gown. img_7342

I started by cutting the back of my gown out, this was going to be the skirt of my new dress. The theme for the car show and contest was tiki, so I wanted the siloutte of my dress to have the wrap dress look to it. Where the skirt of the dress almost has a tulip look to it. To achieve that I rounded the bottom of the rectangle I cut out, and tried to attach it together on the side to give it that wrap look.

Because the back of the gown had a yolk, I lost a few inches that I needed for it to fit my waist. I cut out a badely shaped pentagon, and sewed it on the side to cover up  a little more.

Dont worry I evened it up….eventually

I used my masters cape that had my university’s colors in it to add color to my otherwise simple black dress. I wanted to emphasize the swoop of the skirt, so I sewed a blue and white rectangle to the bottom of the dress in a way that let it kind of…..swoop. I know real discriptive, but I don’t know how else to explain it lol.

To make the top, I cut open my cape until it made almost a triangle design and then I seperated it from the blue felt part of my cape. I folded over the excess part into the inside of the top to give myself more coverage, because the material was thin. I stitched it down with a curve, so it gave it intersting style lines. I also added darts in the bust area to fit a little better.

Next I cut out a long 3 in. wide rectangle to use as the waistband. I pined it along the waist of the skirt and then folded the raw edges over so that they will be on the inside of the dress.

I top stitched the waist band to the bottome of the top so everything was hidden on the inside.img_7776

My dress was almost done; all I had left was to add the zipper, which I hand stiched in, turn over the raw edges of the top of the dress, and add straps. I also cut out another blue rectangle to add to the front of the dress so it would mimic the bottom part, and I was ready for the competion. I actually made the top 10 and got to go on to the next round where I got to explain the inspiration behind my dress.

Contestant #3


Explaining my dress


I had so much fun and got to meet a lot of beautiful inspiring ladies in the process. I didn’t place, but I still had a great time.

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Charlie Harper Shirt Dress

I’ve had this shirt since last summer. I loved the stitching in the front, it looked like something Charlie Sheen’s character in two in a half men would wear. I knew some how I wanted to turn it into a dress. Since the shirt was a 3xl I had plenty of fabric to do that.

The first thing that I did was cut out the collar and unpick the shoulder part of the shirt. This gave me room to be able to button it around my chest and turn it into a dress. Next I fitted it on myself and took it in to make new side seams and then cut off the excess. I had already cut the sleeves off in this picture.

I then used my pinking shears to cut the raw edge on the neckline. This keeps the fabric from fraying. Then I folded it over once and stitched it down.

Next I took one of the excess sides that I had cut out from my dress and cut it in half so I had two even straps. I finished the side raw edges with a thin dark blue bias tape.

After this point I kind of took a three week break from working on it and forgot to take more pictures of what I did next. I took the old collar and cut it in half and added it to the front. I’ve done this multiple times with outfits and I’m still not tired of it lol.

I stitched the collar down so it would stay and I attached the straps so they crossed in the back. I wish I had made the dress a tad more fitted, but I was afraid of getting the dress too tight and it pulling on the buttons. I did add one snap button so that my dress would not gape open at the bust. I had one button who did not want to follow orders and kept undoing itself.

I wore my dress out to the farmers market with some friends.

Thank you for following along……till next time.

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My Blog Turns One!

Wow I can’t believe I started my blog a year ago. Here’s some stats on how I’ve done over the year. I have written 31 posts, had 1,351 views, and 1,009 visitors.  This blog really helped keep me sane during my stressful last year of school. Having a creative outlet really helped me, and gave me something to look forward to when I was sick and tired of working on my thesis.

The past two months have been crazy busy for me. I finished my thesis, graduated, finished my internship, had my graduation party, and got engaged!! So I havent really had time to sew; and don’t have anything finished to write about. I decided it would be fun to go down memory lane  on my blog and share my top 5 favorite things I have sewen in the past year, and my top least favorites. We’ll get the worst of them over with first. Let the cringing begin.

#5 My first refashion on this blog 


I debated about putting this one on my top least favorite, because it was my first refashion and it holds a special place in my heart. Plus I still love the pattern and think it’s perfect for a romper, but the construction of it. I mean I sewed a flippen square in the crotch for crying out loud! Knowing what I know now about sewing I just look at what I did and think all wrong. This outfit is proof to the people who tell me “I could never sew, I’m not good at it”. Neither was I people, but that’s part of the fun to me. Each time I sew something I gain a little more technique and learn more.

#4 Shirt That is Better as a Skirt


This one really isn’t that bad, but it maks the list because it wasn’t a good fabric to buy. I didn’t realize till I was making it that it was kind of faded and worn. Plus I really do not like the way I created it, because there was a lot of fabric in the waist part that I should have tried to remove. I think I wore it twice, and probably won’t wear it again.

#3 Fourth of July yacht outfit 


This one made the list because it had fit issues. The pants were made for an older clientele, and even though I took out the old elastic and put in new elastic these pants would not stay around my hips. These pants were created for a geriatric derriere, and did not work for my derriere. The top could have been made a little better too.

#2Dirty 30 Romper 


I was actually so proud of this when I first made it. At the time, this was one of the most creative things that I had made. I basically made this from a pair of pants, and a very stained work shirt. Once I started getting better at sewing I quickly realized that the fit of this was just awful. It was my first time trying to make a sweetheart bodice, and it could have used a lining on the inside to give it more structure. This one definietly gets an A+ for effort though.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for, my number one pick for top 5 least favorite…….

#1 Elf Not On The Shelf


Why Stephanie…. Why? I hate the way I styled this, I hate the way I look, I just don’t know why. I was so eager to post this, because it was my first time that I had made my own skirt pattern. I like the skirt, but I hate everything else I put with it. I think I just rushed putting it together so I could do a post. I literally look like a female elf….. who wants to look like an elf?

Even though I have poked fun at myself for these 5 outfits, I feel no embarresment. I am all about portrying a real version of yourself, all of these outfits show my skillset at the time. This year has been a growing process, and I couldnt be where I’m at now technically if I didn’t make these. Don’t ever be afraid to stat something because you won’t be perfect at it right away. To quote my favorite teacher….” Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy”. -Miss Frizzle

This list as you can imagine was alittle harder to put together. I really like a lot of the things that I’ve made, and actually wear some things regularly…..ok on to my favorites..

#5 Rock Lobster Window Valence 


This one makes the list, because I just thoroughly enjoyed making it. For what ever reason cutting out the pattern for what I make is one of my favorite parts. So taking the time to figure out how to cut this into pieces to be able to sew it together was weirdly satisfying. Plus I love this fabric, and I love knowing I took a scrap that most people would throw away, and now its hanging up in my kitchean. Plus I’m a sucker for red and black.

#4 Totally Tubular Sleeping Bag Dress


This one makes the list because in a former life this dress was a sleeping bag. I mean it’s ugly as sin and I’ll most likely only wear it for another 80’s party, but it turned out being perfect for this night. I got a lot of compliments on it, and I really had to try new techniques to try to save this outfit, becasue I cut the top out to small.

#3Easter Sunday Best


This dress is the most technical thing I have made to date. I made this dress from scratch and I patterned the entire thing.  I had this fabric for a really long time, and I thought it would look great as an Easter dress. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve made, but its not mistake free though. The frilly top needed to be taken in a smidge more on the sides.

#2 Classic West Concert Day One: Tequila Sunrise Play Suit 


I loved this one, I still love this one. Men’s button up shirts are still one of my favorite things to work with. They have the best fabrics and patterns. I plan on making this type of play suit again, because I just love the silhouette of it. Plus play suits just scream vintage summer time to me.

Drum roll please………………..

#1Saint Patrick’s Day


I love this dress, I felt like I was a magical Disney villian…..but in a good way, because who doesn’t want to be a little bit of a Disney villian. It was fun and lets be honest no one should wear that dress as is…..no one. This dress is the epitome of why I do this, rescue ugly clothes that will sit forver in a thrift store until it gets sent to the landfill.  Instead of buying something new, I created something that I loved.

Thank you to everyone who over the past year have told me how much they enjoy reading my blog. When I first started this a year ago, I didn’t think anyone would read it or would even really care. It’s scary putting youself out there, and thankfully I know a lot of positive kind people. So thanks again everyone and on to year two!

List in the comments below what your favorites from the past year have been.

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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everybody, I’m celebrating by sharing with you guys my favorite way of reducing, reusing, and recycling: refashioning. My latest refashion was given to me by my friend, and it was one of her mother’s dresses.

img_7206 I’d like to title this pose, Shh no talking in the library!![/caption]

There were lots to love about this dress. I loved the fullness to the bottom of the skirt, the polka dots, and white flowers. I started by cutting out the shoulder pads, and this weird mesh layer that was on the inside of the bodice of the dress.

Net top

Then I separated the top from the skirt. I also cut across the top to separate the white floral design from the polka dots. I wanted to bring the length of the skirt up so I cut some off from the top, so I could keep the original hem of the dress. Actually doesn’t look that bad seperated

Next I started working on my new bodice. I actually turned it around, so now the bottom is the top, and the arm holes are pointing towards my waist. There was an opening in the side were the arm holes used to be, so I cut off the extra fabric so it was even with the remaining seams on the side.

Through trial and error I’ve learned that I need to make the torso of my dress a little shorter, because my natural waistline is high. So I am essentially making a crop top right now. I also took it in on the sides so it would fit. I’ve also learned through trial and error it’s easier to make darts in a top before it’s attached to the skirt.

Future darts

Darts help to give a garment more shape and definition. This one only needed two under bust darts. So I pinched the excess fabric, estimated how much I needed to take in, and then drew two equal size triangles for the darts. Then you fold the fabric in half so you have a line on each side, and then sew up the line, then you have a dart.

I wanted to keep some that white flower detail in the front, so I took a triangle section of it and I attached it kind of funky. I have no idea why I did it this way, or if this is even a correct way of doing it, but hey where all learning right? Bare with me as I try and explain this, I turned my top inside out and put the, for all intensive purposes we’re just gonna call it a bib, right side of the bib touching the wrong side of the bodice fabric. Then I sewed it together along the top.

Then I turned the bodice right side round again. Now the bib is on the inside, I pulled it out over the top, so now the bib is on the outside of the dress. Just picture a bib, and you’ll understand what it looks like lol. The reasoning behind this, was so now the raw edges are hidden and I don’t have to worry about surging then.

see no raw edges

I hope you guys are still with me, we’re almost done. I made sleeves from the old sleeve. I cut off the old hem while they were folded, and then connected them so I had a long strap for my dress. I attached them, and attached the skirt to the bodice. I also surged all of my raw edges, and then finished working on the bib.

Best Christmas present ever

I ironed all the edges under on the bib, because I was going to top stitch it down. I pinned everything and then stitched.

Top stitching it down

I finished the dress off with some buttons that were left over from my Saint Patrick’s day dress, and then I was done. I wore the dress to my grandma’s celebration of life.

As I was getting ready I started thinking about life and death and how everyone who comes into contact in our lives were brought for a reason. Good or bad their presence helped shape who we were, who we are, and who we will become. Even if they are no longer with us, they are still apart of us because they intrinsically helped shape us. I want to dedicate this post to three women who are no longer with us, but who will always be with me.

In memory of:

Colleene Farmen

I like to think that I got my sense of humor from you. She could tell a joke and a story like it was her job. You were the matriarch of a pretty kick ass family, and we all have a little piece of you with us.

Renee Mata

I’ll miss hearing you call me Mija with that big beautiful smile. You were so selflessly kind, and I promise I’ll take care of your Larrys for you.

Deb Stimpson

You have kind of become my accidental muse for this blog. We met later in your life, and if it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t have the friendship that I do with your daughter Nicole.

On that note, I’m going to end this very long post because now I need a tissue. I appreciate all of you who read this blog and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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Classic Car Show Red

I bought this skirt at a thrift store a couple months ago, and thought it would be a great easy upcycle. I’m really trying to cultivate my closest with more vintage inspired outfits. Something I’m lacking is clothes for work that still represent my style. This skirt would work perfectly, it already has the basic shape of a pencil skirt, has really cool buttons, and has pockets. I deffinetly need more clothes for work that have pockets. Plus the material of the skirt is like supper comfy cotton, so it feels like a skirt made out of sweatpants. It’s just is a little boxy, but I can easily fix that.

Recognize that shirt?

First I cut off some of the length, becasue the current length was not very flattering.

Already looks better

Then to make it a little more straight, I used a ruler to measure out a new side seam which would take away some of the boxyness. After I took this picture I ended up taking it in a little more, and higher up to the pockets.

Bye bye box

Then I gave it a new hem. The hem didnt turn out exactly like I wanted it to, I dont know if folded over it was to thick for my machine, or if I pulled it while sewing and it made it a little wavy. Oh well, I still like it.

A little wonky

We were planning on going to a car show, and thought my skirt would be super cute next to some classic cars. We ended up showing up to the car show later than orignally planned and totally missed the cars. When we showed up there were like 3 cars still parked on the street, so there were very little pictures of my skirt in action. Oh wells at least I got my picture lol.

I match

So here is my super easy skirt fix.

This one looks like a post card

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Easter Sunday Best

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a happy Easter filled with lots of family, food, and chocolatey eggs. I actually had the prior week off for spring break, and I went on a sewing binge. I refashioned a skirt and a top (posts soon to follow), altered a top for a friend, and started replacing elastic in two skirts for my aunt. I then of course decided on Friday I wanted to make a new circle skirt for Easter in this really springy purply/blue color. I started by taking my waist measurements and then dividing them by 6.83 which will be my inner circle number. Then I decided how long I wanted it and measured that out on my wrapping paper for my template. I cut it out and then placed it on top of my fabric, which I had folded into fourths. I made sure that the inner circle was pointing towards the folded corner of the fabric. Once I cut it out I unfolded it and had a circle. It looks a little wonky in this picture, because I didn’t have it laid out flat, and I hadn’t ironed out some of the creasing. After this I realized I didn’t really have a top that would match it; but no problem I’ll make a dress. I made this decision Friday night. I had no idea how I wanted the bodice of the dress to look though. I actually got inspired by a girls top in a movie we watched later that night and tried to sketch it out. Don’t mind the wonky hips on her, I messed up tried to fix it, and messed up again. I don’t draw very well lol.

The remnants from my skirt actually helped with the design because there was a huge semicircle left in it. For once I actually took a good amount of time making sure my measurements matched what I cut out of the fabric.

For the back I took a tang top that I liked the fit of, and used it to make the template for the back of the bodice. Since the shirt was stretchy and my fabric wasn’t I traced the whole back instead of folding it in half. I made sure to draw in seam allowance for the back template since using my shirt didn’t really give me a seam allowance.

Then I sandwiched my first template onto my other scrap and cut it out. For this project I decided to surg my inside seams together before I sewed them together. I did this with the front and both sides. I left the back unsurged and unsewen because I was going to put a zipper in the back . To make the front part I cut a rectangle and surged all the sides. I then sewed a basting stitch in the bottom and pulled on the strings to make them kind of ruffly. I then sewed the ruffly part to the semi circle part of the bodice. Now from this point on I don’t have much pictures, because it was about 4:30 on Saturday and had just started sewing after being busy all day, and I was seriously in a rush to be done in time for Sunday. I had to really mess with this part a lot to get it to fit right.

I turned over the surged edges of the arm holes before I sewed together the shoulder straps.

To sew in the zipper I folded the right sides together and sewed them together with a basting stitch where the zipper will be, but used a regular stitch the rest of the way down.Then I layed the top out with wrong sides out and ironed the excess seams because this is where I will lay the zipper and attach it. I used a basting stitch to keep the zipper in place and then went back over it with a regular stitch. I used my zipper foot to be able to do this. I then turned the top over and top stitched the zipper in.

Lastly I attached the skirt to the bodice, hemmed the raw edges and turned them over on the skirt, and then added darts to the front and back of the bodice, and sewed lace to the front of it. Finally I finished at like 11 am Sunday morning. I accessorized it with a cute carrot pin, and a skinny white belt.

This is probably the most in-depth construction that I have done, and I am excited to make my own dress from scratch again. I felt very Eastery in this dress. I hope you guys liked this one.

Til next time

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Saint Patrick’s Day

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Saint Patty’s day. I had meant to get this post out sooner, but of course I am getting it out a week late. We go every year to this beer tasting event in town and I have never really had anything green to wear. In previous years I’ve usually worn a green hair scarf, but this year I wanted to wear something refashioned. I went to the thrift store and found this dress.

Sometimes I wish I could be like a normal person and see this dress and think “wow this dress is ugly, who would buy this.” Instead I think “wow this dress is ugly, I must buy this.” I did deliberate on this one though; it was a whopping $3.50. Which is $3.00 more than I wanted to pay for it. I was also afraid that no matter what I did, it would still look horrible. I mean this is green fluffy polyester here folks, but if this dress was ever gonna be worn again Saint Patrick’s Day would be the day.

I started by taking off the buttons, shoulder pads, and fake vest; cause nothing says the 90’s like a fake vest tacked to the front of your clothes. To do this I had to unpick the stitching at the shoulders .

A couple of weeks ago I had gotten back into Once Upon A Time, and this dress was giving me some serious Zalena vibes. I decided I wanted to use the vest as a little cape. I removed the sleeve parts, so I was left with the front vest part.

To be able to get my dress wearable again I sewed the shoulders parts together at the red line. I also took it in a inch on each side by measuring and marking it with chalk. I then used pins to keep the fabric from moving when I sewed.

I wanted to change the neckline, so I drew a line directly down the middle so I could center it and then drew kind of a heart shaped neckline. I cut down the middle, and then cut along each side. This material is kind of like t-shirt material so it was a little hard to stitch the neck line down because it isn’t stiff. It wouldn’t fray easily so I turned the neckline over once and sewed up the raw edge.

To make the cape, I sewed the two vest pieces together at the red line. When I opened it up I had a long piece of material and I draped it on my dress form to see the best way to stitch it down. For me the most time consuming part of sewing is getting the fit right. My waist is narrower than my hips, so if something fits me there it’s usually baggy around my waist. I had to take this dress in more under the arm pits, and had to take it in more on the darts that where already on the dress, plus I had to play with the cape a lot to get it to stay where I wanted.

When I was done though I had a dress that made me feel like a Disney villain/sorcerous. I loved this dress it was fun, it had a cape, and it was green. What’s not to love. I actually kind of wish I could wear this dress more often, it was comfy and the cape just felt cool. Hope you guys like this one.

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The backwards dress

Hi everybody, sorry for my little hiatus. I had actually finished this dress a couple weeks ago, but was needing to take after pictures.

This dress came to me curtesy of my dear friend Nicole. This dress was her mother’s and when she found it in a closet she immediately thought of me. Which actually makes me really happy that people see an article of clothing and think, I’ll give it to her she can do something with it.

I love the print, but with all the fabric this dress is really busy looking. It was also a wrap dress, and since I didn’t know how to take it in I just decided to restructure.

The first thing I did was separate the top from the skirt and remove the massive shoulder pads.

I opened up the skirt so it laid flat and then folded it over so it was doubled over, this was a little difficult because it was a wrap dress so the skirt was an odd shape.

I put my quarter circle skirt pattern on it and cut out a new skirt from the old one. The next thing I did was to remove the collar and the front tie thingys. I opted to unpick it vs. cutting.

I then used my super cool surger to surg up all the raw edges that my unpicking left. I then turned that new surged edge over and sewed it down so that I had a new clean seam along the neckline of my top.

I decided that I wanted to turn the top of the dress around, so now the back is the front and the front the back. Which created a visually pleasing boat neck design. I attached the two pieces by placing the skirt inside the top. This part is always a little confusing and I always double check before I start seeing, but you want to make sure the raw edges line up and the right sides of the skirt and top are facing each other.

To finish it up, I added a zipper to the new back of my top. I did this by first sewing the unattached back together with a basting stitch and then placing the zipper face down in that stitch and pinning it down. I used my new zipper foot to get the job done.

This was my first zipper I’ve put in with my machine so it looks a little dodgy, but it works.

I finished my dress up by turning the bottom of the dresses raw edges over twice, and then making a little sash out of the left over material. I also had to take the top in a bit where it wasn’t fitting correctly because it used to be the back, so I made some darts above the bust of my dress by putting it on inside out, pinching the access and then sewing it. Which I of course forgot to take pictures of.

It finally had warmed up (since wearing it we’ve gotten a major cold front) so I wore my new dress to go check out the Meux house in Fresno. I love historical places and have always wanted to check this place out. It’s a gorgeous 9 room Victorian home, and I loved every minute of it. Sadly they don’t allow photography inside the house, but the beautiful porch lent some pretty great pictures if I do say so myself.

I finally got some sun on my legs and saw a bunch of awesome Victorian items. Trivia time, why was it called the Victorian era? Comment down below if you know.

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Till next time

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DIY Canvas Wall Art

We moved into our apartment two years ago, and its still pretty bare in here. We have a few decorative touches here and there, but nothing really cohesive. In fact our decorum is a bunch of mismatched furniture that was hand-me downs from friends and family. I’m not complaining though cause free is awesome in my book. The other reason for the current lack luster is that I feel super guilty buying something new in stores when I can either thrift it or make it, but I haven’t sat down to actually make something.

Putting these guys in my kitchen kind of peeked my crafty decorating interest and I wanted to make another addition. I have this anchor already hanging on one wall, but I wanted to bring in another. I really like the look of fabric in picture frames,so I decided to DIY my own.

I had a frame that I got from a yard sale forever ago that I pulled out. The backing of it wouldn’t close so I couldn’t put a picture in it anyways. I sanded it, and then white washed it. Normally I would use regular wall paint but I didn’t have any, so I used this acrylic white paint and mixed a little water in it. I brushed it on and then slightly wiped it with a paper towel. When it was dry I painted a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal it.

Next I looked up pictures of anchors on google images. I don’t have photoshop or anything so I just used word to enlarge the picture, I then printed it out on some thick paper I have. Now I have an anchor template.

I love chevron pattern, and had this left over fabric from when I reupholstered my dinning room chairs. Which side note I got these bad boys at a yard sale for a $1 a piece and they were nasty. They had been left outside in the rain, but apparently I didn’t see the warning signs. The padding was gross, the wood composite that held the padding in place was molded the staples were rusty, there were cracks in the wood that were visible. Long story short these guys got a big facelift.

Anywho.. I taped my anchor template to the fabric and carefully used black acrylic paint topped with black glitter paint to make my anchor. Then I used my staple gun and stapled the fabric to the frame. I cut away any excess fabric. Now to hang my frame I got a little creative. I glued a beer tab to the back of the frame with gorilla glue and let it dry for 24 hours. Now I had a hook to attach it to the wall.

I really enjoyed doing this project, especially since I made this out of things that I already owned. Let me know what you think.

Till next time!

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Elf Not On The Shelf

I’ve really been enjoying making stuff from fabric vs. making something from an already constructed piece, so I decided to try my hand at patterning a half circle skirt. I’ve had this really pretty forest green polka-dot fabric in my fabric box for a long time, and thought it would be a perfect color for winter. The first thing I did was wash and iron it. I know it sounds redundant to iron it before you start cutting, because you iron it all over again after it is constructed to finish off the seams; but ironing before you cut into yards of fabric really help to make sure you get nice clean lines while cutting.

I watched a couple you-tube videos to help with the math part of this refashion. One of my favorite sewing you-tubers is Anikka Victoria.  She’s awesome and you should check her channel out; you can watch her video here that I used to create my skirt. So I won’t use my exact measurements……. but I followed her directions and drew my inner corner and outer lines for my half circle skirt using my measuring tape.

wrapping paper likes to roll up

I then cut it out and had my skirt pattern. I took my material and folded it in half, and then lined up one edge of the skirt with the fold. I then cut it out.IMG_6639

When it was unfolded I had my half circle skirt. I needed to make a waist band so I took my waist measurements and made a long rectangle with a width that was doubled. So if I wanted a 3 in wide waist band I would cut it out at 6in because its going to get folded over. I used the method to attach my waist band  that Annika uses in her video. So I laid the waist band right sides facing each other and pinned it down. I then sewed them together.IMG_6640IMG_6641

I then folded the top part of the waistband over to touch the seam that I just made and then sewed that down to finish off the band.IMG_6642

I rolled the raw edges on both sides over twice and then straight stitched them down to finish off the sides.

Lazy sewing

Now it was time to add the zipper. I’ve been a little intimidated about adding in zippers, but Annika’s video is really easy to follow. I folded over my skirt right sides touching and measured how far down the zipper was going to go.

I used pins for once

where the zipper is going to go I used a basting stitch so it will be easy to unpick. The rest of the way down I used a regular straight stitch. Then I unfolded the little folds I had created and placed the teeth of the zipper facing the basting stitches.

Conquering my fears

Now I didn’t have a zipper foot which you need to sew a zipper in on your machine, so I sewed it in by hand. Once the zipper is sewed in unpick the basting stitch which will now allow your zipper to be functional.

That wasn’t so bad

I finished the bottom hem of my skirt off with some off white bias tape, which I have been loving lately. I attached it a little differently this time, I basically sandwich the raw edges between the tape by folding the tape in half.

I wore my new skirt for Christmas Eve (late post I know), which felt very chrismasy. I was told I looked elfish, which I did not take as an insult.

A-ok with being an elf

I was so excited to see that for Christmas I got a serger, which is a sewing machine that cleans up raw edges the same way clothes in the store get made. Which will make my projects look so much cleaner and allow me to sew a lot more fabrics. I seriously squealed like a little girl. I haven’t been that excited for a gift since I got an easy bake oven for Christmas one year.

easy bake oven
Every 90’s baby dream x-mas present

Side note, the easy bake oven was fun for like 5 min which is how long it took for me to use up the three pre-packaged “cake” mixes that it came with. After that I thought, I got this I can make a cake mix I don’t need Hasbro. So I got creative; I soon came to realize flour mixed with water baked under a light bulb does not equal edible.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!